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Interested in making new dog loving friends? This app will be perfect for dog owners who are looking to spread out connections.
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Dog Owner Connections
Ruffee is a mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android devices) that allows dog lovers connect each other. Whether you want to keep in touch with your current dog loving friends or meet some new faces, Ruffee provides powerful features that fit your needs.
  • Find new friends locally
  • Send real time messages
  • Show off your dog
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Meet new friends

Wherever you’re at, you can use Ruffee to see what dogs are close to you. With one click, you can check out their profiles and photos. If you see any dogs that you are interested to learn more, you can simply send the user a real time message.

Whether you are walking your dogs or travelling, you can easily make new friends and share your dog's story with them.
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Real Time Messaging
Ruffee allows you to send real time messages to any dog-loving users you found on the app. Whether you want to learn more about someone's dog, or you want to keep in touch with your friends, Ruffee leta you stay connected to the world.
Show off your dog photos & share his/her stories

Ready to show off your dog to the world? Upload your dog photos and let people know how cute your dog is! The more popular your dog is, the more followers you will get!
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